“Giselle” by Radu Poklitaru. Adam, motorcycles and an eternity

October Palace, 10-th of December: an evening of ballet and high-power emotions. A great feast for everyone who loves Radu Poklitaru and Kyiv Modern Ballet Theatre. Traditionally, so many people and so many flowers. We were given a possibility to make an amazing journey during these two hours. We traveled through different epochs. We listened to wonderful music by Adam and were proven: it does sound good as an accompaniment to modern choreography.

It wasn`t the first time for Kyiv to see “Giselle”. The ballet was premiered in April. In October Palace, as well as this time. For ballet lovers this place will be associated with this wonderful Poklitaru`s creation for a long time, I guess. 

“Giselle” makes us start thinking about some important things like manner and matter. Or form and content – it`s up to you. Anyway, the form changes itself with coming of every new epoch. It happens every century, every decade… Actually, every minute. So, we see motorcycles, new modern costumes, choreography… So charming, but so instable. Beautiful in it`s changeability.  But there are something more stable. Everlasting, maybe. Things which we worry about every time. Every epoch. Truth and lies, money, despair, death, salvation, love…
And it`s all here – in Poklitaru`s choreography. And we`re happy to watch it because it shows us everything important – form (things that we like and need today, right now) and content. Something timeless. Something that we always dream about just because we are human beings.

And it`s not gonna be ever changed.

Text: Vira Duzhak, for Kyiv Music Labs 
Photos: Sergey Efanov  


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