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Shchedryk (Carol of the Bells) is celebrating its 100`s anniversary!


Schedryk or Carol of the Bells is one of the most popular Xmas songs around the world. It is originated in Ukraine. Composer Mykola Leontovych arranged it at the beginning of XX-th century. Shchedryk was firstly performed in 1916 by choir of University of Kyiv. Now Ukranians celebrate 100-th birthday of this amazing song.  The USA firstly heard Shchedryk in…
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“Three Sisters”. Loneliness in town where no one understands music


“Three sisters” is a very significant play for “Mizanthrope” theatre. That`s actually how “Misanthrope” began its way. People from many Ukranian cities have already seen “Three Sisters” during a large tour that occurred last year. Combination of genres impressed public that time… And it still impresses. Professional acting in addition to high-class choreography and wonderful music – Illia Moshchytskiy, Mykola…
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“Giselle” by Radu Poklitaru. Adam, motorcycles and an eternity


October Palace, 10-th of December: an evening of ballet and high-power emotions. A great feast for everyone who loves Radu Poklitaru and Kyiv Modern Ballet Theatre. Traditionally, so many people and so many flowers. We were given a possibility to make an amazing journey during these two hours. We traveled through different epochs. We listened to wonderful music by Adam…
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What is the sound of Ukrainian Xmas: Top 3 Xmas songs


                                                                  Shchedryk / Carol of the Bells    “Hark how the bells, sweet silver bells…” You know this melody. When Christmas is coming up, the whole world sings…
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Top-10 Ukranian Music Festivals


Ukraine sings and rocks! Many different festivals help music lovers be permanently joyful. A variety of genres is large: you may find here almost everything. From Classical to Electro and Techno. From Lviv to Kherson. Here is a list of the most famous Ukranian music fests. Surround yourself with music!  1. Alfa Jazz Fest Always in June Jazz lovers plan…
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Student Choirs: Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard vs KNU, KPI, NaUKMA


Being a student is great, did you know? A few years spent at university are supposed to be one of the most interesting phases in your life. It is the time of deciding who you are, choosing your own specific way. The time when you`re the one who thinks what to do with your time, how to spend days and…
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With hope in the heart: 10 Ukrainian songs about war


1. Ukrainian band Gaidamaki in collaborration with singers Andrey Mackarevich (Russia) and Maciej Malenczuk (Poland) performed song “Тільки любов залишить тебе живим” (“Only Love Can Help You Stay Alive”).   2. Song «Я чую» (“I Hear”) was performed by Ukranian band «Друга ріка». Here you may find everything – pain, tiredness and desperate dream of peace. 3. Song «Повертайся живим» (“Come…
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