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“Three Sisters”. Loneliness in town where no one understands music


“Three sisters” is a very significant play for “Mizanthrope” theatre. That`s actually how “Misanthrope” began its way. People from many Ukranian cities have already seen “Three Sisters” during a large tour that occurred last year. Combination of genres impressed public that time… And it still impresses. Professional acting in addition to high-class choreography and wonderful music – Illia Moshchytskiy, Mykola Boychenko and Dmitro Saratskyi created something that deserves applause. But now it is a time to talk about other things. Tandem of music, dances and acting is a wonderful way of telling story. Story was told and heard, I guess.


The story of a small town which captures the characters. It ruins ideas and slowly kills. Word “Moscow” takes them into condition which we may determine as collective trance. Moscow – is some kind of heaven in their imagination. Moscow – the Olympus; and Vershynin becomes Zeus, who left Olympus for a while in order to drink some tea with them. They wait so desperately for someone to take them back to their normal life at big city… And they can`t find such person.


It`s not a new life for an old story. The story written by Anton Chekhov doesn`t need a new life, because it hasn`t died, actually. Such characters always live their lives tragically. It happens during every epoch – in books and in reality. They try to find their places under the Sun – and they don`t get success. Cruelty of the world stops them from following dreams. Dreams about big city or about big love.  Or about something else, which is really important. Huge.  Larger than a small provincial town.


A story, consequently, hasn`t ever lost its relevance. Like all other stories like this, it just needs new forms to be told interestingly. And “Misanthrope” is perfect in finding that new forms.

“Three Sisters” – is not a kind of performance that you watch just for fun. Here are too many questions. For most of these questions finding answers seems to be really hard. Maybe even impossible. But that shouldn`t stop you from watching, thinking and… and asking again.

Keep asking. Keep searching for the answers.


 Vira Duzhak, for Kyiv Music Labs