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Polyana Music Festival press conference

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Recently, there have been Polyana Music Festival press conference held, where Eugenia Stryzhevska (the festival’s ideologist) lifted the veil from what waits us at this event. Finally, Deep Forest will perform full live for the first time in Ukraine. Groups from the UK, Bulorussia and Poland will come to us. ONUKA is preparing a surprise for the audience. The Polyana village is a resort with the best mineral water in Central Europe. Colorful Carpathian cuisine. That is not the whole list of pleasures that organizers prepared. Polyana Music Festival is a new open-air, new location and new music.

Polyana Music Festival will take place in the Carpathian Mountains under the sky from September 9 to 11.

Polyana Music Festival 2016 is two scenes with 16-hours daily program. Many styles, a lot of beautiful music.

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Eugenia Stryzhevska Polyana Music Festival’s ideologist: «We create in Ukraine a new and, hopefully, a meaningful festival. The motives and benefits are obvious: the more cultural events in the country, the higher interest in it. The more beautiful things we have, the more positive emotions there are. Culture imbues economy and creates good neighborhood. ”

Polyana Music Festival opens new musical place in Ukraine. This is the first festival of this scale and format in the Transcarpathian Ukraine. Festival platforms will be located at the river Penya valley, which is buried into the woods and mountains, near the Polyana village, Svalyava district, Transcarpathian region.

The festival’s headliners are:
– The first time in Ukraine DEEP FOREST (FR). It is very famous to many generations. From the movies, CDs and even cassettes. DEEP FOREST’s style defined as world music or ethnic and electronics. At our valley you can touch this story, environment is perfect;

CHICANE (a.k.a. Nicholas Bracegirdle), UK. One of the most popular electronic musician in the world, who conquered the world dancefloors with their Offshore, Saltwater, Do not Give Up, will play them and their other beautiful music in the Carpathians, full live;
– The Ukrainian contemporary stage leaders – ONUKA. The intelligent mix of the newest global trends and Ukrainian traditions. National cultural export.

Nata Zhyzhchenko, ONUKA: «Each open-Air is filled with the energy of the place. It is created by nature and people, which gather there. How will our performance look like? It will be organic to valley that is buried into the majestic mountains, mysterious middle crowns of trees, under the bright night sky. And all of that with beautiful company of people, which will come together in this beautiful place. The trembita – yes, absolutely. ”

The presence at the Main Stage of the festival is confirmed by Cepasa (UA), Sun Groove (UA), Morphom (UA), Go-A (UA), Shuma (BY), TonikaDJBand (UA) and, for the first time in Ukraine – Sexy Suicide (PL) . At the night stage there will be well-known Ukrainian DJs.

Polyana Music Festival

Ната Жижченко, ONUKA. Євгеній Кибець, Happy Music Group. Євгенія Стрижевська, Polyana Music Festival.

Polyana Music Festival is useful: art program, master classes, trainings, fairs. It will be possible to explore the Carpathian cuisine at the food court.

The Polyana village is a resort with a long history and unique sanatorium resources. The mineral water in this region is known as one of the best water in Central Europe.

Accommodation. It will be possible to stay at the resort territory (more than 200 hotels and estates) or in the campsite.

Available on-line: tickets (from 400 grn.), at the festival tickets (from 550 grn.) and daily tickets are also available. Tickets selling at the Communication Partner – Nostra, digital partner – DIEVO

English translation by Alla  Zhylinska