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Top-10 Ukranian Music Festivals


Ukraine sings and rocks! Many different festivals help music lovers be permanently joyful. A variety of genres is large: you may find here almost everything. From Classical to Electro and Techno. From Lviv to Kherson. Here is a list of the most famous Ukranian music fests. Surround yourself with music! 

1. Alfa Jazz Fest

Always in June

Jazz lovers plan their schedules very carelully in order not to miss the most widescale jazz fest in Ukraine. It is traditionally located in Lviv.




2. Atlas Weekend 

Here you may always find a mosaic of the most famous Ukranian (not only Ukranian, by the way) bands and performers. A good chance to have an amazing-music weekend :-)


Their website:

3. U-Park 

It probably was one of the most expected events of Ukranian music summer. Two crazy days in July impressed us so much! Gave Ukranian music lovers an enormous amount of emotions and photoes:-) Looking back, it was really great. Headliners – Muse and RHCP – demonstrated their usual best-of-bests level and made all of their fans feel totally happy. All other participants were supergreat too, of course:-)


Kyiv Music Labs wrote an article about the first day:

4. Ніч у Львові (Night in Lviv)

This fest gives you an opportunity to spend time really well. A lot of art events, a lot of good people, and, therefore, atmosphere is so friendly. Night in Lviv is special:)  super_night_lviv_9

5. Hedonism

July, 29 – 31

4 stages, 30 bands and performers from Ukraine and other countries. One of the most known Kyiv art-fests. They really want to bring joy to their guests. So, feel yourself a hedonist :-)


Event on Facebook:

6. Woodstock Ukraine 

July, 28 – 30

Long ago this festival changed the world forever. Our modern Ukranian fest is about following the good tradition. Protesting against Vietnam war in far 1969, Woodstock continues the protest now. It strugles, as usual, for peace and freedom.



7. Carpathian Alliance Metal Festival 2016. 

July, 29 – August, 1

This year the festival will be located in Kyiv. Traditionally, it`s open-air. And, traditionally, it`s about real drive! So, welcome to Park of Friendship Nations!



You can buy tickets here:

8. Zaxidfest

Do you want to pretend what Ukranian music really sounds like? Well, Zaxidfest is for you, don`t miss it. Rodatichi is a place near Lviv, and it becomes one of the hottest places in the world by the end of August! Many-many-many famous and not-so-famous-yet Ukranian musicians will gather there for you on August 19 -21.


9. Koktebel Jazz Festival 

August, 25 – 28

It is an international open-air fest located in Chernomorsk (near Odessa). This fest used to take place in Crimea, but was forced to move to Odessa after the occupation of the peninsula. This passage changed almost nothing – the fest remains one of most famous events in Ukranian jazz life. Welcome to Chernomorsk!

10. Kyiv Music Fest

Late September – early October

It is an annual international academic music festival that presents the creations of modern Ukranian classics to the world. The fest usually takes place in Kyiv.



So, fests are waiting for you. Spend your time musically in Ukraine:)


Vira Duzhak, for Kyiv Music Labs 

The main photo was taken from picjumbo